Issues / bugs with Microsft Active Directory

Hi there,

I have a directory of type “Microsoft Active Directory” in addition to the FreePBX Internal Directory.
I have multiple issues with it :

In extensions, the “Link to a Different Default User:” does not stay. It lets me pick the AD user matching the extension, but after a while it automatically reverses to “none”.
In user manager, the “Linked extensions” for that user does appear but reverses to “none” after a while.
Educated guess : this happens when the Active Directory refreshes.

In User Management, User Details:
The “User Department Attribute” does not save. When I put “department” or anything else, it does not save the value and comes back blank.
The “User Company attribute” saves the attribute (“company”) but the field comes back blank too.
Another field that I configured (title) comes across just fine.

Please help.

User Management

Thanks all !

Have you heard back on this?

I have the same issue here. iSymphony can not group by dept without this.

I have logged in a support ticket for this just now.

I am up to date:
User Management
FreePBX Framework

The department / company issue has been fixed yesterday (user management, was on the edge track yesterday.

As of the “link to a different user” thing, I solved it by clearing the “user extension link attribute”.

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