Issue with directory and issue with phone

My first issue is with my phone directory. It is set up on nginx and it worked for a while then all of a sudden it stopped working and gives the error “xml format error or invalid application”…

My second issue is we have 8 sites using the VOIP system, one site will not show caller id for incoming calls, it only shows “anonymous” unless it is within our system. Any call from a landline or cell phone shows anonymous and extension dialing shows which it should as they are all linked together.

Does anyone have any tips or ideas, I recently was handed this when our main person left the company so I am not all the way up to speed with this stuff. Any and all help would be appreciated!

you’re going to need to provide more info –

  • what make and model phones - the directory sounds like something custom ?
  • what version of freepbx ? asterisk ?
  • call trace of an inbound call with no caller id

if you need quicker resolution than the community forum provides you have the option to purchase support credit and open a ticket as well

Most of our phones are Cisco SPA514G with a few SPA502G in the mix.

I am unsure on the pbx version, again I am new to this. The asterisk version is 11.17.1

That’s not a FreePBX system. You’ll need to get with nginx for a solution on that.

The current Beta is Asterisk 16 and the current LTS version of Asterisk is 13, so there’s nothing (in terms of development) that’s going to be a lot of help for you. Also, the NGINX system is now part of FusionPBX, so you’re probably going to need to open a ticket with them.

I just can’t wrap my head around why all of a sudden one of my 8 sites started doing the anonymous caller id just out of the blue. They said it was working fine one day then the next it was showing anyonymous. I know nothing changed in the config since I am the only one who has access to it and I haven’t touched it in months.

There’s only two common components:

  1. An update from FusionPBX. We can’t help you with that either way.
  2. Your ITSP stopped sending caller ID they way they used to and now you have to reconfigure you SIP trunks to get it the new way. Since this is FusionPBX, there’s not really anything we can help you with for that either.

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