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Just installed the latest 64-bit ISO, and then ran the conversion tool to migrate settings to my new platform. Everything went well - no errors. But now that I turned off the old system, I’m not getting service at my extensions. The instructions for the tool did say that trunks have been left at Disabled, to prevent any conflict. I don’t want to enable that until I ensure everything else is working internally. Instructions are very vague though. Do I need to enable trunks in order for Internal communications to work?

Thank you!

Have you solved your issue? Enabled your trunks to see if that fixed your issue. And… probably a stupid question but, did you click on the red Apply button after the encrypted backup file was restored? I have had to reboot an ATA and some SIP phone after new hardware for some reason and another dumb question, is your new hardware using the same IP as the old machine?

Just some thoughts.

If SIP bind ports were changed in the restore process, Asterisk will have to be restarted for the changes to apply:

fwconsole r
fwconsole restart


Trust me in this case there are no dumb questions (I welcome them all!) Yes I managed to get a system up and running previously, but that was with lots of help. I’m learning slowly, but still a long way to go.

Yes I did ensure I clicked on “Apply changes” as you advised. I’ve missed that in the past, and I know it’s an easy mistake. Your other question (not a dumb one at all at least in my case) - no so far the IP’s are different. And now that you mention, I’m thinking that may be my issue? The phones are probably set to register with the server at a specific IP address that no longer exists right…

I’ll make that change later today or tomorrow, and reply back to the group.



All your SIP devices will be pointed to the IP address of your previous PBX unless you change them to point to the new PBX IP address. Holes in your firewall-router that you may have will also be pointed to your old PBX IP address so I am pretty certain that is a large portion of your troubles.

Keep us posted.


Understood. Well I changed the PBX IP address to the IP of the original system *which is now offline) and restarted the server; still “no service” at the extensions. Now I’m back to it being either the SIP and IAX trunks need to be enabled, or else the new firewall is causing issues. I thought the trunks would only apply to incoming calls from outside; I’m hesitant to enable that until I confirm the new system is working properly. And the firewall I also thought only applied to incoming traffic. But those are my next things to try. Please let me know if any other thoughts.

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1). Make sure all your sip device passwords came over.

2). Make sure your default sip port is changed back to 5060 if your not using PJSIP. You might disable PJSIP since I doubt you will use it.

3). Ensure your SIP settings and host/IP are set.

That’s about all I can think of.

Good luck. Keep us posted.


Ok thanks for helping me to resolve this! Turned out it was the IP address after all. Funny after I changed the IP on the new system and rebooted, I assumed the system came back up. Well it’s a virtual system, so I should have taken the time to check. Turned out is was attempting to boot from the installation CD again, so the PBX never came back up. Once I booted, service came up like expected. Then once I activated trunks, my external service was also restored.

Thanks again all for your assistance – and John for helping me to resolve!


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