ISDN30 Trunk connection stopped working FreePBX 12.0.74

Server has been up and working fine but today it stopped connecting to the ISDN30 line, no incomming or outgoing calls. On the system overview page I see the line
"File /etc/dahdi/system.conf is not owned by asterisk"
I don’t know if that’s the problem but it seems likely. I’d appreciate any advice please.

(EDIT) I also get a message

wcte12xp 0000:01:05.0:Failed to load VPMADT032 firmware.

This is part of your DAHDI installation. I recommend you download the dahdi-complete version that corresponds with your hardware and install it.

One of the Digium folks that hang out here might have a “simpler” solution, but installing the right software and making the modules get loaded is where you’re likely to end up.