Is there suppress_q850_reason_headers option in FreePBX?

I would like to set suppress_q850_reason_headers to True for my extensions but I can’t find the setting. Any help?

There is a PJ-SIP Option for it, but I don’t think anyone’s asked for it to be exposed in the GUI. You can probably add the header through a PJ-SIP option in one of the *_custom.conf files.

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Thank you!
I ask for it because Mark Answered Elsewhere does not work with my Ciscos since I made my extensions chan_pjsip, as I mention in my other topic, because of the 2 sip cancel reasons in sip cancel. So I have 2 options: go back to chan_sip or suppress 1 reason.

*_custom.conf are located in /etc/asterisk ?

Yeah. I’m not sure which or where, but a quick scan through the search function for “PJ-SIP Custom Headers” should get you close quick.

Why do you want to use pjsip with old Cisco hardware? What new features does pjsip have, which your old buggy Cisco sip firmware can handle?

Because sip is Legacy and I guess sometime it will be not supported.

Checking extension 6104 …

# asterisk -x " pjsip show endpoint 6104" | grep suppress
 suppress_q850_reason_headers       : false

Edit the file:


then add the following lines:

suppress_q850_reason_headers = yes

Save the file, reload the dialplan and checking again:

# asterisk -x " pjsip show endpoint 6104" | grep suppress
 suppress_q850_reason_headers       : true

Thank you sir!! I’ve been dealing with the same problem on a Cisco 7821 phone. Although I believe the OP (hariskar) has an SPA series phone based on this thread, I can confirm that your solution also works on newer Cisco phones running Multiplatform Firmware (MPP) like my 7821. Presumably, this means it would probably also work across the entire 78xx, 68xx and 88xx lines (with MPP firmware). Cisco apparently carried over this bug from the now-discontinued SPA line into their newer (current) enterprise lines.


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