Is there a way to route an ext outbound call to a particular trunk?

hi, what I would like to do is send outbound calls from ext 100 and 101 to trunk A and the rest of the ext to trunk B…is this possible?

thanks for your help!

Yes you do that by creating two different routes using the trunks you want. Then get a license for extension routing module and pick which routes your extensions can use.

You could also make an Outbound Route that matches against the CallerID of those two extensions and have the same reseult.

That’s what I was thinking, but I don’t see how to do that, can you point me in the right direction?

It’s documented in the wiki under outbound routes module.

Tony, I did look at the wiki first, here - Outbound Route Module but I don’t see any mention of using cid or extensions to direct routes to trunks…

Please look again. It is clearly there:

A dial pattern can have up to four elements: Prepend , Prefix , Match Pattern , and CallerID . Each element has its own field in the Outbound Routes Dial Patterns tab.

The format is:

( prepend ) prefix | [ match pattern / caller ID ]

The above shows the format / syntax. Below covers the CallerID portion I was referring to. Please see the page again and look for these items.


If caller ID is supplied, the dialed number will only match the prefix + match pattern if the caller ID being transmitted matches this. When extensions make outbound calls, the caller ID will be their extension number and NOT their outbound CID. The above special matching sequences can used for caller ID matching similar to other number matches.

hi, sorry about that, I see where my mistake was. I was thinking outbound route but actually looking at the trunks module…I could not figure out how i would use “dialed number manipulation” to do this…I see “dial patterns” in outbound routes…


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