Linking specific Extension to specific OutBound Routes


Ok so I have a very small business with 20 extensions. I am wanting to set two specific extenions (207 and 208) to use one particular Outbound Route and all other use the other route. How can I accomplish this? I don’t see an option to set the route in the extension tab or add extensions to the route tab. Running FreePBX Any help would be awesome.

Thank you in advance.

You can get the Extension Routes commercial module. It will do what you want. It’s also free for the first year.

IMO the Extension Routes module is overkill for a very small system.

Just create an Outbound Route with:
in the CallerID field and put that route above the others. It will only match on calls from those two extensions.

What is your application (allow only those extensions to call overseas, send a different caller ID from those extensions, etc.)?

Create another outbound route with the same dial patterns but specify the extension as well. place this route ahead of the other routes

Different Caller ID is the application but also I only want those two extensions to only use that trunk. So in the caller ID field but 20[78] just like that and it will only pick up calls from those two extensions?

Sure, but note that routes are processed in order, so put that one at the top of the list.

If your trunking provider allows you to specify caller ID on a per-call basis, you don’t need special routes – just set the Outbound CID field for each extension as desired.

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