Is there a list of what a webhook posts over to the provided url?


I’m trying to have user information from our system come up whenever a user makes or receives a call.

The idea was on receiving a call or dialing someone with Zulu, that data would be posted over to our system for us to look up the number of who is calling or is being called in the system and to show that info to the logged in user by opening up a window on their browser, but in order to do so I would need a way to identify that user.

Essentially I’m looking into grabbing the caller’s number, as well as the user/agent’s number or extension so I can link those to a user and customer in our system.

So I need a list of what the webhook sends out, but wasn’t able to find that easily in the wiki, it’s likely there and I just missed it, but help would be appreciated.

Also I’d just like to check if what I posted above is currently doable with the current version of the REST API, as I read on here that some info is only available after the call is ended.

Hopefully I’ve just misunderstood that.

Thank you.

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