Is there a "cheatsheet" template for things like feature codes?

I’m getting ready to replace an old Cisco system with FreePBX and the users are a bit worried about training. So I thought it would be cool to print out some little “cheatsheet” cards (or something) that had all the basic information you might need.

  • How to make/transfer a call
  • How to get voicemail
  • How to enable/disable feature codes

I was originally just thinking about a document template (MS Publisher, Scribus, Apple pages, etc.) that you could edit yourself, but after looking at this old post it got me thinking that it might be cool to build into a module. Maybe it could be a new section in the “Reports” menu.

Or maybe I’m way off base here and this is a silly idea. :person_shrugging:

Ah, I see that there is already a “Print Extensions” report that includes feature codes. That’s a great start but I was thinking more along the lines of a small card that could be kept near the phone with just the most commonly used feature codes and extensions. Maybe the “Print Extensions” report could be updated to allow only printing certain items.

BTW: I’m not sure what the “Print Extensions” PDF actually looks like because it doesn’t seem to be working on my installation. When I try to download the file I just get an error:

  "error": {
    "type": "Exception",
    "message": "FPDF error: Image file name is empty",
    "file": "/var/www/html/admin/modules/printextensions/vendor/setasign/fpdf/fpdf.php",
    "line": 271

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