Is my multi-stage IVR with extension dialing set up correctly?

This is more of a design question than “Please give me the steps to do X” kind of question.

I’ve never set up an IVR before and I was just wondering if I’m doing it correctly.
My plan is to have the initial IVR only have 2 options for English or Spanish that both lead to new IVR’s.
Those new IVR’s have “Press 1 for X department, Press 2 for Y department”, and so on and press 0 to dial an extension.
Pressing 0 takes you to a blank IVR with the Direct Dial option enabled so users can direct dial extensions.

Is this the correct way to do this?
I’m just wondering if I’m missing some feature or option that makes what I’m doing easier or better.
Any tips/tricks welcome.

Why add the extra step of “press 0 to dial an extension” just turn on direct dial function on the “second” IVR and as part of that announcement say “If you know your parties direct extension, you may dial it at any time, please press 1 for X department, 2 for Y department…”

No real need for a 3rd IVR IMO

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It’s conventional when dialing into multi-language IVRs to present the options in the primary language without any input from the caller. Early in the caller greeting, add something like <<press 9 for XXX>> (in the alternate language) which takes you to your alternate language IVR.

My personal phone recording #triggers

  • Our menu options have recently changed - no they haven’t, the options are the same as they were 5 years ago, and even if they are new, nobody needs to be told that. More generally, structure your recordings assuming they won’t be touched ever again.
  • Listen carefully - oh no, I wasn’t paying attention the first time and now I have to listen to them all again. If only I had been warned to listen carefully.
  • Your call is important to us - (but your time is not)
  • We’re experiencing a higher than normal volume of calls - grrrr

@lgaetz even better.

Good point. Thanks!

You want your IVR path an simple as possible.

Thanks for call, press 9 for Spanish, dial an ext at any time, press 1 for sales, press 2 for Cust Serv, etc…, press 0 for a human.

Even if you do not say press 0 for a human, include it. Send it to a low priority queue or something with a breakout similar to the main IVR, but have it there.


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