Is it possible to have a black (or white) list of inbound callers?

I’m setting up a simple call screening PBX to sit on our POTS line and cut down on unwanted calls.
So far, I’ve enabled Privacy on the trunk to capture withheld CID and all calls go through a simple IVR that requires entry of a single digit to actually ring phones.

What would be nice, is to be able to white list a collection of CIDs and route them directly to the extensions, avoiding the IVR. Other than by creating loads of inbound routes, is this possible?

I add good caller’s to a whitelist table in the asteriskdb ( sqlite3)

just check the caller id against it before sending them anywhere, you can easily add a ‘preferred’ destination to that database. Just like the built in blacklist, the mere existance of whitelist/2125551212 authorises the caller adding a destination is an added bonus

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If you you have a list of unwanted callers you can add them to the FreePBX Blacklist. *32 will block last number.

That’s exactly what I’m looking for. Thanks.

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Thanks. The challenge is maintaining the list. Also, they change numbers really quickly. That’s why blacklisting is less effective than whitelisting.

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