Is it possible to call DID number specified in the freepbx inbound routes or freepbx extension from an external mobile phone or landline, etc

As i am using freepbx 12.0.62 with Asterisk 13.3.2 and i am a newbie to freepbx, please suggest that is it possible to call the “DID number” specified in “Inbound routes” from an external mobile phone or landline phone and goes to an extension destination.

My outbound routing works well when calling from a freepbx extension(1000) to an external number using a destination trunk specified works well.

But for inbound routing when i call from my mobile phone to that inbound route DID, i get “the number you have dialled is not in service” as a response.

Also suggest is it possible to call from my mobile phone to my freepbx extension(1000) directly?

Yes it is possible. Check to ensure your DID digits set in the inbound routes is identical to what your provider is passing.

You can call the extension directly a few ways. One is DISA, one is CID routing on the DID (you can route the call differently based on the CID value), or you can get a mobile app like ZoIPer and configure it as an extension on your PBX.

Thanks Igaetz, previously i used the wrong DID number pointed by my provider and after setting the exact DID and also after setting “Allow anonymous inbound SIP calls” option, i found successfully the required call flow from any external numbers hitting my freepbx inbound route…

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You almost never want to allow anonymous inbound SIP calls. This is a potential security risk.