IP route List

Hi guys , below is my ip route list on my freepbx dev em1 proto kernel scope link src dev em2 proto kernel scope link src dev em3 proto kernel scope link src dev em1 scope link metric 1002 dev em2 scope link metric 1003 dev em3 scope link metric 1004
default via 10.143.xxx.xxx dev em2

Currently the default interface my freepbx box is using is “em2”, which is my sip trunk.
Question is how can i change the default interface to em1 which is ( as i need my freepbx connect to internet .
em1 = internet / sip clients
em2 = sip trunk - no internet

also, if i change the default to em1, will the sip trunk running under em2 will effect the incoming and outgoing calls?
and if it does effect the calls, any other way i can solve this?

http://freelinuxtutorials.com/tutorials/configuring-multiple-interfaces-multiple-default-routes-linux/ ,

hope this will work…

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