INVITE instead of OPTIONS in freepbx?

Hello, my new voip SIP provider is not working…
The support is telling me:
"We are receiving " OPTIONS " from your server IP Address which is not allowed by our system. If you are going to send calls we should receive " INVITE " from your server to our IP.

How to enable/disable this is FreePBX? Thanks!

a look at your trunk config might help, i’m assuming the are talking about SIP OPTIONS which is sent when qualify=yes is set in the Peer. Bit sucky they dont support that, as i often have trunk issues in freepbx with qualify disabled :
By invite i’m guessing they mean setting:

so try
and if not already setting



yes! :smile:
that was it, removing “qualify=yes” helped…

but now my trunk is “Unmonitored” ? So, what is going to happen when, for some reason, it stops working? Will I get any kind of notification in the asterisk log, or somewhere else?

I’m already thinking of setting up a simple shell script which will send me email if a PING to the sip server IP stops working…

Thanks again!

Glad you got it sorted… The trunk will show as unmonitored. that’s kinda what qualify is for.

Basically when qualify=yes Asterisk sends a SIP OPTIONS command to the trunk at regular intervals to check it’s still online. If it doesn’t respond within the specified (in sip.conf) time it marks the trunk as down.

Most SIP providers support this feature… it’s a bit sucky that yours doesn’t… a Ping shell script will probably be unreliable, as they may block pings, or it might get a little trigger happy if packets get dropped now and then. if you were going to do that i’d suggest a simple Perl or PHP script that just does a periodic fsock to the udp port to see if it’s open and responding.

Anyways, glad you got it sorted :smile: