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I am stuck to configure international calling please help me

I want to call an Indian number using Freepbx ,how to create and what are the dial Patterns i follow to do the calling and mentioned that how to do the call forward as well

Outbound Routes Module - PBX GUI - Sangoma Documentation (

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Thanks for the Docs .

I created one trunk for calling , is there any trunk create for international calling or use existing one.

I also create One outbound route for calling , is this enough to call to international as well

Please mention the dial pattern , how to configure of trunks and Outbound Routes to call Indian numbers of all locations

International calling is something you should ask your provider about. Asterisk doesn’t know about it.

If you have a provider that allows international calling, at an acceptable cost. You don’t need any additional trunks. In that case, the outbound routes depend on how your users are going to dial Indian numbers and how the provider represents international numbers. In the simplest case, the users will dial what the provider expects, and you will have a route that covers all except very short numbers, to the provider, unmodified.

However, you might want to use abbreviated numbers for home country calls, and your provider might require full numbers, or the provider might require “+”, rather than the home country international dialling prefix, requiring you to translate an international prefix into “+”.

If you have a lot of calls to India, you might want to use an Indian provider, for those, requiring an additional trunk. They might want Indian numbers to be dialled without a prefix, which might clash with your home country numbers, requiring an outbound route that recognizes and strips a prefix, using the new trunk for that prefix.

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I am the provider and i want to facilitate my clients do the calls from USA to Indian numbers , so in that i case how i provide the my users?

What @david55 means is the provider that you have configured as the trunk on the phone system. Whatever service is giving you the trunks to dial out on.

In the US, 011 is the usual international prefix. To call India, you would dial 011 91 plus the city code and number.

If your upstream requires a different format, your Outbound Route or Dialed Number Manipulation Rules must convert that to the required format.

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I created the PJSIP TRUNK and Outbound Route, Please see the Images

Please suggest me the dial patterns of Trunk and Outbound Routes

Is these two required ? or one is enough like trunk or outbound Route

For AWS Chime, the Dialed Number Manipulation Rules are not needed and can be deleted.

The Outbound Route entry for internation should be something like

prepend +
prefix 011
match pattern XXX.

This will replace the 011 with a +, which according to

is the format they expect.

Can i do the Trunk and outbound route for same dial pattern

The trunk does not need any patterns. They are used when you need to modify what the Outbound Route produces, usually because you have more than one trunking provider and they require different formats.

I done outbound router and trunk is one , but i get an " all circuits are busy now " ,

can you help me out

Reply please

Do domestic calls work? If not, fix that first.

Next, in the Chime portal, select your Voice Connector, Termination tab, Calling plan, there is a list of countries. Confirm that you have India in the list and click Save.

If you still have trouble, at the Asterisk command prompt, type
pjsip set logger on
sip set debug on
according to channel driver used.
Make a failing test call, paste the Asterisk log for the call at and post the link here.
Call a number that you don’t have to redact, e.g., 011 91 89282 10222 (a McDonalds in Mumbai).

@Stewart1 Thanks for Guidance ,

I check with Amazon Chime Voice Connector, list of country India is not mentioned

i do the test call above mentioned number but it fail, the error i am getting " All circuits are busy now"

please check below Error Logs


I want set the dial pattern in outbound rout

01191 code how do i do that dial pattern for calling usa to india as unconditional callforwarding option at ucp is it possible to do that

What trunks do you have available that can call India? you can prepend 01191 or +91 depending on the carrier and as all Indian phone numbers are NXXXXXXXXX, then 10 digit dialing would all go to India

Internal dialing in India requires an initial 0 , so if you want 0NXXXXXXXXX colloquial dialing , then prefix ‘0’ to the plan

Hello @dicko thanks for you guidance,

Amazon trunk i am using right now

What about prefix??

Does Amazon trunk allow calling to India? If so what dial string do they require?

Prefix is stripped from the dialed number, if you have Indian users, they will be accustomed to dialling 0 plus the number, but the carriers use International dialing rules whereby that 0 needs to be replaced with the ‘prepended’ string for India