Internal/External music on hold

Hello all,

So something that has stumped me a bit and I am not even sure if its possible.

I would like to configure out music on hold to only play when an external caller calls into our PBX and not when making internal calls to another extension.

So I currently have our Cust.Srvc. Ring group defined and assigned a music on hold so that works fine and customers will hear the music on hold when they press 1 in our IVR.

However, if someone dials an extension in the IVR, they will only hear a ring and currently it is set this way because we got tired of hearing the music on hold when calling other extensions interally.

Is there anyway to differentiate between internal extension to extension calls where the caller hears a ring, and external to pbx calls where the external caller hears the music on hold?

Wont putting the desired music on hold on the inbound route accomplish what you are looking for. Extension to Extension (or IVR or RG or Queue) don’t (have to) use inbound routes (thus avoiding MOH)

So inbound is set up like this so far:

  • Inbound call
  • Time condition →
    • True → IVR For Business Open
    • False → IVR For Business Close

I see where I can change MOH on Inbound Route but inbound isn’t what I care about. It is after the caller gets to the IVR and selects either their routing option 1, 2, etc. Or dials a users extension, then once the system transfers the call to the desired extension, i would like the caller to hear MOH.

The only issue is, it seems if I change the MOH for a specific extension, it changes it for internal calls as well.

Haven’t had to do anything like this before, but what about two different IVRs, one for internal use and one for customers?

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