Internal and external calls different ringtones

I’d like to have a different ringtone to my internal calls that the one on external calls.
For example, if any of my extensions call another extension I’d like to listen to ring5… and when another number calls internally, I’d like to listen to ring2.
I tried from “advanced settings”->“Internal Alert Info”, but whatever sound I choose, the extensions ring with the same, and it doesn’t seem to accept any custom tone I typed. It accepts it but it doesn’t ring like it was supposed to, instead it goes back to default ringtone!
Also, I don’t seem to find any option to set a ringtone for external calls.

Do I have to edit any conf file like "/etc/asterisk/extensions_override_freepbx.conf " ? And if Yes, what should I write that will support all extensions and the above mentioned demands?

Thank you very much!

Are you saying you want the caller to hear different rings from the handset? Or are you saying you want the callee to hear different rings, based on if the call is internal or external?

I assume you are using a standard SIP Phone in which case the ring tone would be set by the phone.

I would suggest adding a second extension number to the phone (most can do two plus lines) then use say Ext 100 as the local extension but direct external calls through a ring group to Ext 101. You can then vary setting like ring tone, time out and missed call settings as you please from internal to external settings.

Sorry for the delay.
I want the callee to hear a different ring, depending if the call is internal or external.

And I’d love a solution that would be central managed and not on each extension, but that’d do too if there is no other choise.

Good idea. But this means that I’d have to setup each phone individually for: adding a second line, changing the settings for both lines and adding a few rules on the freebpx server.
I guess this will be the back-up plan if I don’t find a more “elegant” solution.

I believe this can be done by setting an Alert Info on your inbound routes that does not match the default ring tone for the phones. Direct calls to the phone will hear the default, inbound route calls will carry a different alert info header.

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To be honest, I tried to do that like this:
Went to Inbound routes, created new one with DID number ANY and setting an alert info…
but it doesn’t let me save it because it needs a Destination!

And I have 100+ DIDs, so I can’t do that for every single one of them.
I could, but I’m hoping there must be a more elegant solution…

I was interested in this and tried it on my system, changing it both on the inbound rules and also in a ring group, however it made no difference to the phones they continued to use their own ring, a Cisco its standard ring and a Polycom with four lines and 4 different rings, the phones appear to override this setting.

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