Intercom seems to not work correctly on Freepbx 15

So I have had a system in place for a number of years. Using both Grandstream and Yealink phones. With this last upgrade from 14 to 15 the Auto-Answer on Intercom calls no longer works. All the previous versions I just called the extension say 101 and the phone auto-answered as it was suppose to as set in the extension info. Now when I call an extension it just rings and will not auto answer. But if I do a *80101 the phone auto-answers correctly as it did before. Is there header info that changed with the upgrade to 15? Anyone else see this problem or is there something I need to do different than I have in the previous versions?

FreePBX 15 is still in beta.

… This might be a bug.

While it is in Beta, it also sounds like this is the desired outcome. The typical response to calling an extension is for the extension to ring. Calling using the “Call Intercom” feature code will cause the phone to auto-answer.

If you are using EPM, check to see if your phones have been ‘reset’ to answer-only instead of auto-answer. This is normally a feature of the phone.

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