Intel nuc for freepbx

Hello my wirk has 6 extensions phones and 4 digital lines. The server they have now is way over kill and i would like to move them to a smaller system like a intek nuc. We have a few of them. They have 2 cores 2 threads with 4gb of memory and 120gb ssd brand new. The server its self is a 12core 64gb memory and dual 140gb sas drives.

Do does anyone know if the intel nuc can handle the freepbx or should i look for something else?


A Raspberry Pi 4 could handle this. The NUC is overkill, but yes, you could do without running into hardware constraints. x86 means you could use the official distro too.

Or as mentioned in another thread last night, just move it to a VPS for $72/year, backups included, and not worry about it.

I have several customers running on the NUC’s. They work great!

8gig ram and a 256ssd so you have plenty of room for voicemails and everything else and you will be in great shape. Depending on the ram prices sometimes 16gig is worth it.

Hello i have alot of memory and ssd drives upgrading is not a problem. I just didn’t know what baseline to start from.


Grab the latest ISO, burn to USB stick, boot it up and away you go.

Exact opposite of the OP!

We talked about moving everything to a vps server. But it the long term we decided to still keep it inhouse.

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