Installing SNMP and configuration with Zabbix

I’m using FreePBX-64bit-10.13.66 (Asterisk 11) and everything is working fine. I was just working on configuring SNMP to monitor the server using Zabbix.

The problem is all the online guides about configuring snmp are outdated and didn’t work with me.

It would be great if you helped me with the steps to install and enable snmp.

After all the guides only I’m now able to see the below result when viewing Asterisk modules, however I don’t find res_snmp.conf in /etc/asterisk/

Freepbx*CLI> module show like snmp
Module Description Use Count SNMP [Sub]Agent for Asterisk 0

[[email protected] ~]# nano /etc/asterisk/res_
res_digium_phone_additional.conf res_digium_phone_devices.conf res_fax.conf res_fax_digium_custom.conf res_odbc_custom.conf
res_digium_phone_applications.conf res_digium_phone_firmware.conf res_fax_custom.conf res_odbc_additional.conf
res_digium_phone.conf res_digium_phone_general.conf res_fax_digium.conf res_odbc.conf

use the search box above for “SNMP” it works as advertised if you have atsterisk snmp module loaded. the mibs and agentx installed and configured, miss a step and you have to “go directly to jail, without passing go”

When that is working (do all the tests ) then Zabbix is just an agent that queries the snmp server. If snmpwalk works locally then so will Zabbix if properly configured and by default port 161 is unobstructed at the firewall