Installing FreePBX on a system running Plesk?

Hello all!
Well, I am running a Debian 6 (Squeeze) server. As it is used to host several sites and managed by both hardcore shell users as well as GUI fanatics, the server runs the Plesk control panel to make managing stuff easier. Now, I’d also like to install Asterisk on the server and use it as a small phone system. Now, I’ve already installed Asterisk and Dahdi packages, but I’m really not sure about FreePBX. After all, it’s installed by first importing a MySQL database and then running a shell script that will set everything up, including the Apache configuration. Now, I’m a bit afraid that by doing this, I could screw up the Apache configuration created by Plesk, and I certainly wouldn’t want that to happen. Also, I’d like the web GUI to be accessed through a sub domain, such as So, my question is… How do I do that? Is there any way of installing FreePBX manually so I can control what goes where, or is that not recommended? I already thought about setting up Xen on the server and virtualizing the FreePBX distro, but I’m not sure about that… Especially since it is based on CentOS, I think, and I honestly have no clue about CentOS :frowning:
So, thanks so much for any help on that!!! :slight_smile:

Did you get any further with this? I need help on this too.