Installing Free pbx Distro ISO in windows partitioned system

Hi All,

 I am a newbie. I trying to install freepbx in windows partition. I am getting error at the begining of installation in TCP/IP configuration. Please advise can i able to continue or shall i try the following steps
  1. Install linux centos alone
  2. After installing linux install freepbx

Thanks for your time and consideration.

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You can’t install Linux in a Windows partition. If you are using our ISO it repartitions your drive.

If you have available (unpartitioned) space on the drive you can use that for the Linux. Use the custom install selection and create the boot, swap and root partitions.

Hi SkykingOH,

Thanks for ur response. I need to be bit clear on the points given below. Please confirm

It seems i can’t use freepbx Distro for windows partioned because it will clean the entire drive?

Can i follow the below given steps.

In a windows machine i have created unallocated space
Reboot the machine
Install centos
Install freepbx


Unallocated space is not a windows partition. It’s unallocated space.

You can install the distro to this, just make sure you use the custom option and are very careful using parted (the program that manages partitions) not to delete your windows partition.

You will have to define you boot, swap and root partitions.

WRT installing CentOS and FreePBX manually, it’s the best way to learn the system but there are many more steps (like installing Asterisk, and setting up the data base) suggest you read the installation documents. The folks over at have written some great install guides for FreePBX.

I also get the feeling that beyond the Windows storage manager you don’t understand drive partitioning? Correct me if I am wrong.