Installation of freePBX on thin client

Hi all,

I’ve installed FreePBX on a thin client (HP640A), on a 20Gb HDD. And after installation it works great !!! Simple, Small and low cost :slight_smile:

But all with a things there is a BUT;

I converted the FreeBPX distro ISO to a USB stick, booted from it and started the installation. but what happened is that the installation was selecting the USB stick as its HDD instead of the empty HDD on the IDE controller. It took me a while before i figured out what happened.

I think its a good idea to add a HDD selection to the installation process which the user must agree on, instead of selecting “brute force” a HDD.

Finally i’ve installed FreePBX via a normal machine, after I connected the HDD to the thin client and booted, and yes it works.

Then i made a backup of the old configuration (it was running in virtualbox on my desktop) downloaded it. And uploaded to the new system there I got the message “Error verifying uploaded file!”

I copy the file via ssh to the \var\spool\asterisk\backup\MYPBX\ and started the restore then it worked fine.