Install support for and enabling Digium adapter

Hi All:

I just built a FreePBX 2.10 server with Asterisk 1.8 under the hood. I installed a Digium adapter with 4-FXS and 4-FXO ports on it. I can’t seem to locate instructions that explain how to install drivers for the card and enable/invoke the ports. Can someone help me out?


Have you looked in our documentation? I believe I wrote a page in the “how to’s”

If you need help installing the card, installation support is included with any Digium hardware or software add-on. You just have need to have a user account and a registered card. To register your card, go here:

You can then call in to Digium Technical Support or open a case via the web-to-case form.

I contacted Digium Support before this post. This was their response. I’d already examined published instructions, but I couldn’t find anything on the newest releases of FreePBX/Asterisk:

"We do not support FreePBX directly, so we cannot provide troubleshooting for that. Basic installation instructions can be found in 800 series manual:

This will not provide any guidance on setting up FreePBX to use your AEX800. If you’re using AsteriskNOW, the following Digium Knowledge Base article may be helpful:

Let us know if you have any questions."

. . . Guess I should have gone with Sangoma.

Did you read the “how to”?

Let Digium help you install the drivers if you are struggling, once the DAHDI is up FreePBX configuration is standard for all DAHDI interfaces.

If you can’t figure that out, we are paid support options, please click support above at navigation bar on screen.

Is this your card?

If so then start on page 32