Install LDAP Server on Distro for user's phonebook


I want to install an LDAP server on an official Freepbx Distro (latest SN7). I want to use this LDAP server for LDAP phonebook for the endpoints.

Someone has ever done this ?

The best is to have also a Web GUI for users to add, edit and remove contacts…

Some one for this ?

I could pay a freelance for this.


Yes, lots of people have done it. They have also installed a stand-alone LDAP server and linked them over the network. Either path will work for you, and setting up a stand-alone LDAP server is reasonably straightforward.

There are lots of posts in the forums about people working the LDAP and a few of the problems they’ve caused themselves through the process.


Please see our thread:

May not be what your looking for, but may help if you want something easy :slight_smile:

Samuel Melrose