Install FREEPBX on an existing Asterisk system?

I’m new to freepbx, is it possible for me to install freepbx on an existing Asterisk system (on the same server)? my boss wants me to install freepbx on his system so he can manage his call center easily with GUI, the configurations of Asterisk (sip.conf, extensions.conf) aren’t empty and is completely configurated, so, can I install freepbx on it?

It is technically possible, but in all honestly, no. You’ll hate yourself and spend hours trying to figure out how X is conflicting with Y. Don’t do this.

However, it won’t be that hard for you to recreate the existing configuration on a new FreePBX install. Deploy a new Virtual Machine, install the latest FreePBX Distro (and… I gotta say, install FreePBX 13, it’s so awesome!) and configure a couple of handsets up. If your boss is happy, you can then slowly migrate handsets from the old to the new system.

My job is to install web client for an existing asterisk server, so I think manual installation (not distro) is a MUST, can anybody please help me?

That’s not a job that’s achievable. That’s the same as asking someone to paint the sun purple - both in difficulty and wildly underestimating the size of the task.

The way to achieve what you want is to create a new machine, and migrate people across to it in stages.

However, if you insist on using the same machine, your next step is to open a new sales ticket and ask them for a quote on doing a custom migration.

So, Should I install web client on different server?

As I said…

That should do it.

Well, it is really hard for me to do that 'cause i’m new to asterisk and stuff. But I will come back here after I explain it to my boss, thanks for your quick replies though :slight_smile: