Incoming from Voipswitch to Free Pbx

Hi to all need help with the bellow any replay its appreciated

  1. i have a Voipswitch with IP ( <---- and I need to send the calls to Freepbx with IP --> witch section I have to configure to allow the incoming calls to enter in Free PBX ? I have tray to set up an Extension and register the Voipswtich with out any success

  2. the second part --> once calls reaches Free PBX the should go to SIP Trunk and terminate

Thanks In Advance

I suggest you follow the instructions VOIPSwitch provides for setting up a trunk. After that, you need to set up your inbound route.

Seriously, though, you really need to start out with a little more reading. This is the most basic setup possible. Get a book on using Asterisk and start reading it. You should all the information you need in the first 20 minutes.