Incoming calls end to congestion



I’m using FreePBX with a pstn line and an analog card, and until today everything was fine.

All of a suddenly the incoming calls started to end to congestion. The caller hear one ring and as soon the freepbx take the call, immediately hang up. If I check CDR report says congestion. That had happened again some years before and I couldn’t resolve it. I had reinstall everything. The freepbx is not exposed to Internet, it’s behind a NAT.

Any ideas what could gone wrong? The problem started some days after installed some available updates, for system and modules too.

Thanks in advance for any help you will provide.

(Dave Burgess) #2

You need to check the /var/log/asterisk/full logs. The CDR will tell you a call came in and what the disposition was, the full log will tell you what actually happened to the call.


Hello cynjut,

Thank you very much for your help!

I’ve checked the log file you’ve told me but I don’t understand the problem…

I want to paste here the part of the log that take place after the incoming call but I can’t due to the permited characters limit.

Any idea how can I share the log with you?


Please paste the log at and post the link here.


Thank you Stewart1!


Anyone took a look at my log?

I’m really curious to know if something make sense on it and if someone was able to understand what happening and why.

Thanks again everyone.


you are getting a ‘cause 34’ which means the dahdi extension is unreachable from that call



Thank you dicko for taking time to check my log and explain me the error!

When you say dahdi extension you mean the destination for the inbound route?

In my inbound route I have, “Set Destination” --> “Extensions” --> one of my extensions.

But still remain mystery why that problem came up without any obvious reason. And the most important, can I do something to resolve the problem?


you need to make sure the destination for an inbound route is available, from a working extension, call that number . . .

from the ‘not working’ extension make a call, look at the logs


Ok dicko, you have my honest appreciation!!

I changed the destination to an other extension and the problem disappeared! I know that this can’t be consider as fixed, but it’s a workaround that for now it’s more than enough! As soon as possible I’ll do my investigation based on what you’ve told me and if I find something useful I will post it.

For the time thanks everyone for your help, I’m grateful!