Incoming call stopped working

I inherited a FreePBX setup from a previous admin. I have no experience with FreePBX at all. I swapped out the company firewall 2 weeks ago making sure to copy all the existing SIP routes, ip addresses, and etc from the old firewall. All of a sudden about 48 hours ago calls from the outside are getting a “this number is not in service” error message. Internal and outgoing calls are fine. I have no idea what the problem is. As far as I know incoming calls were totally fine for a week and a half after I swapped the firewall and all of a sudden stopped working for no reason. I switched from a EdgeMax firewall/router to a Fortigate 100F.

Is the freepbx server on site or hosted remotely?

on site. it is a linux server

What does the log say the incoming calls are being routed to? My first thought is simply the incoming trunk is not registered. Seems strange that it would just stop working. Who is your SIP provider?

Also just in case.

The log would be under “Reports” then “Logfiles”

Thanks for the help everyone. After struggling with this all weekend I finally found out this morning who their SIP provider was (keep in mind that before this I didn’t even know what SIP was). once I had that info and a login to their website I found that the inbound call route was in error because the SIP provider had retired the assigned server. As soon as I selected a different server the incoming calls started working.

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