Incoming call not routed correctly

We have a trunk with block of 42 DIDs and in the freepbx I have only one submitted trunk.This trunk is registered with the VOIP. When I dial in from my cell phone some of the DIDs, they are showing in the asterisk console as corresponding numbers. But the majority of this DID will show as the first DID number of the trunk.My VOIP provider says that I have to call my vendor, because according to their customer support the issue is how I setup my freepbx box.Well, I don’t have a vendor but from what I see is that when I call XXX-XXX-3939 number on the pbx incoming number is shown as XXX-XXX-3900.I asked them how I’m supposed to route this number to the correct extension and again they are saying that everything on their end is correct. Is there really something that I’m missing? My plan is to have incoming routes to match the DID and based on that I will route the calls to the correct destinations.

Thank you.

You are right, Its not your PBX fault that the provider is sending 3900 when you called 3939. Theres no config that you can do to make that call route to the DID 3939 when the call comes in as 3900.

However, did you recently port these numbers from a different provider? And did you call forward those DIDs to the main trunk DID while waiting for the port?

The reason I ask is that I currently have a client that is switching from analog to SIP. He has 5 lines. The SIP provider is going to port those 5 DIDs. In addition, the SIP provider created one new DID as the main number for the new trunk.

While waiting to port, I have forwarded all 5 numbers to the single trunk DID. This is fine because we do not use the actual direct lines, all 5 go to a ring group.

Sounds to me like you should check with either the old provider or the new provider to see if your lines are being call forwarded to 3900