Inbound Routes, Not Routing

I have recently installed a FreePBX server and set it up with a trunk.

All was working well until I added a new extension and associated inbound route.

I have a block of numbers ending with 00 - 09. Currently only three are in use, 00, 01 & 09. The inbound routes I have setup are below.

  • 00 Routes to default IVR using the DID rule as _X.00

  • 01 Routes to a ring group, using the DID rule as _X.01

  • 09 Routes to a second IVR using the DID rule as _X.09

As I said prior to setting the newest extention and route (09) the two other routes worked as expected, but now calls to any of the three DID’s routes to my default IVR. The DID’s are definitely being presented as expected and are shown in the call logs.

I’ll also clarify that I only have one trunk set up and only have the three inbound routes set up with no others yet.

Any guidance would be appreciated!


This is not a valid pattern. All characters that follow a . will be ignored, so all three dial patterns will match the same DID.

Perfect, misunderstood the use of a wildcard character there.

I have it all corrected now, thanks.

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