Inbound Route Pattern Matching

FreePBX/Asterisk 14

Is there a way to pattern match multiple patterns on an inbound route, similar to how you can do it with outbound routes?

If I wanted to have the following numbers receive the same treatment:
4445551111 (Single Number)
206521XXXX (Range)
208668XXXX (Range)

Is my only option to create separate inbound route for each?

Thanks for the guidance!

The more I read, this doesn’t look to be possible. You would need a separate inbound route for anything that could be outside of a pattern. It seems like you could use bulk handler to manage a lot of entries.

What you could do is have a any/any route pointed to custom context which you can write up that will work as you want.


If you hover over the handy (?) it will tell you a lot of the things FreePBX is capable of. Including pattern match multiple patterns on an inbound route


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I’m looking at some of the reading material and I am not quite getting it. Could someone help me out with a quick (hopefully) example of how I could match the two ranges

206521XXXX (Range)
208668XXXX (Range)

using pattern matching on one inbound route?

In the format of

eg _2[345]X

You’d do



Thanks Andrew, but how do I string these together so they are in one inbound route vs. two?

is it just entering the following in the DID Number field: _206521XXXX_208668XXXX

Thanks again!

You can’t - you’ll need two inbound routes.

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I would say this is a better answer to my original question. One route per pattern or number, thanks Dave!

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