Inbound calls go to Voicemail retrieval

I am running FreePBX 13.0.163 and Asterisk 13.10.0. All the modules are current and up to date.

Suddenly all inbound calls are answered with the message, “Please enter passcode then press pound”.

Inbound calls for all the affected extensions are routed to the extensions, not ring groups. I have created busy and unavailable voicemail messages, but they never play.

Any ideas on how I might correct this and have it play the voicemail message?

The /var/log/asterisk/full log will tell you why the calls are being met with the PIN message. I’m not convinced that you are getting routed to Voicemail, though. It could be lots of things - the “full” log will tell you how you are getting to that point.

I’m going to guess someone “helped” you and added PINs to all of your routes.

Any hints at what I should be looking for? I’ve never looked at this log and it’s over 600 lines!

What does PIN stand for?

I up’ed a log of the inbound message here.

Only 600 - wow, that’s short!

Look for where the call comes into the PBX from the outside. After that, look at the “context” called to see where the call is actually going.

PIN is "Personal Identified Number).