Importing contacts

I have contacts from one PBX that I did export using the contact manager.

Now I am trying to import them into another PBX using contact manger.

Both are the same version.

I can see the preview on the contact data fine, but when I click on import, he just imports a few records (they get green and show up in the contacts), but after it stops and holds forever. I have tried many times, different browsers, restarts, nothing works.

I had done this a few weeks ago with no problems!

What has changed? What am I doing wrong? What is the solution? Is there another way to get contacts imported?


Have u tried the bulk handler possibly? Admin > Bulk Handler

Sorry that I was unclear.

I AM talking about the Bulk Handler.

Tried again, still hangs up.

How many and what is the entry that causes the hang? I’d think it was probably a UTF-8 translation problem - if it is, then you need to submit a ticket.

No special characters.

It hangs at radom record. Every time I try to import it is a different record it hangs on.

That sounds familiar:

I’m not sure yet if a cause has been identified.



At least I am not the only one.