Importing contacts into UCP

I am trying to have the contacts in the UCP updated from a different system so that we can use them to send text messages.

So far I am creating a group in the UCP (from one user), then have to go in the Bulk Handler and import my file there. In the contact manager I can see the group and the entries, they also show up the UCP.

Everything works just fine.

However, if I want to update the contacts, as some could be deleted and there is no way to deleted multiple contacts, I have to go in the UCP and delete the group and create a new group. Then I can import my file again in the Bulk Handler.

This increases the Group number ever time I do it. Is there any limitation? I am at 59 now.

Is there a better way to do this?

I could set up a little routine to do this task directly into the database if someone would let me know what to do. (Like the name of the database etc.)