Immediate call forwarding of calls to a ring group


Using FreePBX for several months now without any issues, it’s great. I have a new User requirement which I’m struggling to configure so if anyone could point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated.

I have an incoming number routed to a ring group. The ring group is configured to always ring the first extension in the group unless it is busy, in which case it will ring the next non busy extension in the group, i.e firstavailable ring strategy. This works fine.

The new requirement I’m trying to configure is that out of hours calls to the ring group can be immediately forwarded to a cell phone. Users must be able to change the cell phone destination remotely when they swap who is on call. I am trying to achieve this via UCP and the Call Forwarding or Follow me feature.

I’ve configured UCP and tried setting up Unconditional Call Forwarding of the first extension in the ring group but incoming calls ring the next available extension in the ring group. I’ve also tried setting up Follow Me on the first extension in the ring group with ‘Ring Extension First’ set to 0 seconds but this seems to make no difference and incoming calls still ring the first extension in the ring group. I suspect the behaviour described above is as designed.

Can anyone please point me in the direction to achieve what I’m trying to do ?

Any help greatly appreciated.


Hello John,

Use a Time Condition that will route after hour calls to a Queue and add dynamic extensions that obviously has a Follow Me to a cellphone.

Now, you can setup a hidden IVR key that goes to DISA so the agents will be able to call in and dial the feature code to remove or add themselves to the Queue.

Or, if they have remote UCP access, they can log in/off from the panel.

Good luck.

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Hi Itzik,

I’ll give that a go.

Many thanks for such a quick response.


Hi Itzik,

All working fine now, many thanks :.)

Kind regards…john.