IAX Trunk in High Availability solutions


I need help to fix the IAX trunk issue in High availability solution. I installed the following in centOS 5.4.


I managed to install two asterisk servers with above mentioned modules. With that floating IP my fail over solution working fine. All the phones and SIP gateways registered to primary server using floating IP and its working fine.

I have issue with only the IAX2 trunk. From the other location i am trying to register IAX trunk using floating IP and its not working. when i set the primary server IP then IAX trunk registered and i am able to do both way calls.

I wants to register IAX trunk with floating IP, so that it will register with other server when its fails over.

Helping me to fix the above issue is greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your help in advance.


what exactly is going wrong? i have HA clusters trunked to other HA clusters using IAX trunks without any problems. one very key thing is to make sure not just the trunks are registered using the floating IP address but also that the IAX bind address is also the floating IP address [if will not work for example if the IAX bind address is]

Hi Mudslide,

Thanks for your reply and sorry for delay in response.

I did tried the bind address on my asterisk server with floating IP even bind port in IAX.CONF file. Still other end pbx unable to register with floating. Let me do the changes again and let you know.