IAX Trunk between kalliopePBX and FreePBX rasp


I want know if are possible created the trunk between two PBX.
The first one so the master PBX is KALLIOPEPBX the second one is freePBX, so I want know if with free pbx I call and received the outbound by kalliope.

Thanks for support

Please help me, how to config he iax2 to connect my raspberry to another pbx.

the correct config of trunk, so outgoing incoming iax setup…

So we’re clear, I’ve never head of KALLIOPBX, so I don’t even know if it supports IAX. Without knowing that, trying to help you is pointless.

Send your KALLIOPBX IAX configuration and there should be at least one RasPBX user that should be able to help you.

Yes, thanks but the correct configuration of raspberry?

So I will set outgoing and incoming with adress of my other pbx and user password of admin log-in?


Stop for just a minute and make a plan.

Step 1 - get the Inter-server trunk working. You need that before you can move forward at all. This means setting up the trunks and getting them to register. Let me say that again - until the trunk is working, no amount of anything else is going to help. Setting up your trunk will require you to either find a script-kiddie recipe that magically works for both ends, or understanding how trunks work. Google can help you with the former - we can help you with the latter.

Step 2 - Set up an incoming route on one server and outgoing route to the other server. It doesn’t matter which one you start with.

Step 3 - Do step 2 again, but in the other direction.

Steps 2 and 3 are far easier said than done, but without the underlying trunk in place, nothing in step 2 or 3 will work.

Step 4 - Decide how you want to use the link. There are lots of good use-cases that END with setting up a trunk, but so far, it just sounds like you want to set it up because you can.