i2c i2c-1: sendbytes: NAK Bailout

Asterisk 11.19.0
Linux 2.6.32-431.el6.i686

My root server has a nagging annoyance that it repeatedly writes this kernel error when logged into FreePBX. It does not appear when I SSH in using PuTTy.

i2c i2c-1: sendbytes: error -110… i2c i2c-1: sendbytes: NAK Bailout

In looking into how to stop this it appears that this may go away with an update (which I haven’t done yet I am new at this)

Can anyone provide assitance on how to get rid of this annoyance?


That is a kernel message so ssh connections won’t get them but consoles will. There are i2c_? kernel module(s) that read/write to the i2c bus, so you need to find out what is using i2c and fix that if you can, in the interim

should be enough to stop them from appearing on the console

Well the surrogate server is an HP # Slimline… did see hits in research that the slimline was vulnerable to this

Installed the up to date distro on the main server today (same as on the HP Slimline)

The i2c annoyance is not present on the newly loaded main server.

Several other differences are experienced. I am not used to software that runs differently on different machines. Is that normal in this business?


HP Pavilion Slimline s3100n

Actually it’s is not the software running differently, it is software that might be loaded for discovered hardware where the hardware is different and perhaps non-conforming between the hardware.

Not quite following that statement well but it is after hours here. Thanks to all you guys that make this forum possible… I think I solved my own problem… we shall see.