I need help about pbx

Can i mack call from ssh ip ? And how ?!

what do you mean by ‘ssh ip’ ?

I meen by ( vps ) root , mack call inside root

It depends on is what is installed on ‘ip’ . But if asterisk is installed and working , start with

Can I communicate with you extensively via WhatsApp?

Sorry, but no.

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After logging in via putty to my IP address by my user, how can I make a connection directly through the window, do I use a specific code or script? Sorry for the inconvenience

Follow (and read) the link, it discusses that exactly.

I hope that , thank you

I have read and did not understand well, but can I get a script in Python ready to be put into my root path to make calls via the command window ?!

With respect , you have a lot to learn but this forum is not the places to expect anyone to teach you, spend a few hours with a basic linux ‘bash’ tutorial then you will better understand users and ssh, then a few with the wiki here


and you will better understand Asterisk, FreePBX and how to script them, then a few more with a good python tutorial so you know how to write python scripts, having done all that here are several asterisk python AGI libraries available with a quick google search.

I am assuming that you have a working FreePBX system and you want to programmatically connect your extension to an external number.

If your extension number is 1234 and you execute from a root shell prompt:
asterisk -rx "channel originate local/1234@from-internal extension 18004377950@from-internal"
your phone will ring. When you answer Asterisk will call 18004377950 and connect you.

If you want to automate this with Python, your script should compute the required channel originate command and call os.system to execute it.

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