I’m not able to set the CID correctly!

I want only the CNAM transmitted not the DID but I’m not able to find out how. With selected extensions based by our needs, I use this format: “COMPANY” <5555551234> and the results showed in the recipient phone is: COMPANY on the first display line and 1-555-555-1234 on the second one.

But how I can only set the system to only send the “COMPANY” part and avoid to transmit the <5555551234> part?



Not sure where your from but I don’t believe it’s possible in the US. Cname is derived from the number.

Yep, I’m in Canada, we use NANP same as the US and maybe the same rules concerning the CID.

Thanks for your help!


I don’t know what you mean by “avoid to transmit”. If you don’t send a valid source number with the call, your provider and/or the destination carrier may reject it. You can send a valid number with a privacy flag (anonymous call), but then your company name won’t be displayed, either. Depending on the destination system, it will show as Anonymous, Private, Unavailable or Restricted.

I assume that what you want is to display the company name with a generic number. For example, if a group of people handle customer service calls, you may want their outbound calls to show a ‘customer service’ number or the main company number, rather than the DID that routes directly to their extension. If the number you wish to display is a constant, the simplest solution is to put the desired number in the Outbound CID field for those extensions.

If your situation is more complex, e.g. you want their outbound calls to the Montreal area to show your 514 number, while calls to the Toronto area show your 416 number, set up Outbound Routes with the desired Route CID and set Override Extension to Yes. In the Dial Patterns section, set the CallerID field to match the extensions that are to be handled in this way. These routes should appear above the ‘regular’ routes to those destinations – calls from other extensions won’t match and the appropriate regular route will be taken (presumably sending the personal DID).

It work finally :wink: Sorry for not having updating the post before.

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