HTTP provisioning username/password location

Can someone tell me where I can find the username/password combination for the HTTP provisioning. I know it is in Sys Admin. I want to glean it from the file or table entry so I can get it to my phones.


If you use Endpoint Manager than it will auto-build the provisioning template. Makes everything much easier.

I created my own EPM for the phones we are selling, that’s why I want to find this info.

select * from sysadmin_options where `key` like "provis%";
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Thanks Lorne! Exactly what I was looking for.

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Hey Lorne,
I got everything to work as I needed it in version 13. Now we are starting to roll out version 14 and those entries are not in the sysadmin_options. We haven’t loaded System Admin Pro yet, could that be the problem?


Yes. Provisioning protocols is where apache creds are set, and that is a pro feature.

Thanks Lorne for confirming my suspicion.

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