HT813 FXO Port Trunk and Intercom System

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Two questions what does connecting the ports together do (connecting FXO and FXS together) and dialing 9901? I could indeed set up syslog on the ht813 to see what’s happening. I will report back…it’s really starting to feel like a voltage issue given the voltage meter measurement. But I will test this as well just in case.


If you set up the FXS port as an extension, then it can emulate the MCS350 (but supplying plenty of voltage), as a test for whether the present problem is indeed caused by insufficient loop voltage and/or current.

First, plug an analog phone into the FXS port and confirm that you can call out. Dialing *01 should play the speed dial empty message. Then, connect FXS and FXO together. If the FXO is configured and working correctly, dialing 9901 from an IP phone should also play the speed dial empty message. If that gives a busy signal, something is likely misconfigured in the HT.

If you get that far, connecting a 9V battery as @dicko described may get it working with the MCS350.

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Okay, sounds good, I will go to the site, and try all of these suggestions. I will get back to you with the results, and we can move forward based on that. I just need to drive out to the school again, talk to you soon.

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I still have to get to the school, but I need this thread to stay open so I can work with @Stewart1. Thanks.

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@Stewart1, this is still on my radar. I want to keep this thread alive. I still have to try your two suggestions. I am also waiting for a Talk Battery, voltage booster to try with your suggestions. I think I may need to pass you another log as well. After I test.

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Still need to go to school. Need thread alive. Bump.

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I’m hooking up a Viking voltage booster today, and I will report back results and logs. I’m hoping it works. I am also trying the suggestions to see the results, IE misconfiguration vs voltage boost.