How to write my own function in FreePBX?

I want to develop a system with can interact with FreePBX server. My workflow of this application is :

  • step 1 : Mobile call to the Desk phone
  • step 2 : IF 45s no one pick up the desk phone.
  • step 3 : Then the FreePBX just request to my chat bot with the extension of the desk phone.

how to make a function that enable the FreePBX server request to my chat bot ?

Create an ring group for the extension for your Desk Phone.

Voicemail will pick up in 20 sec, so you’ll need to change the default VM pickup time.

After that, you can specify a new destination for your call (it will likely be a MIsc Destination).

In your Miscellaneous Destination, create a call to a Custom Context that passes the desk phone ID to your chat bot.

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My chatbot is web application. So by what you explain to me, could my chatbot get the Http request from the FreePBX server ? it that right ?

That would depend on your "chatbot " Asterisk has several ways of communicating with external programs, trysystem,system, shell and probably in your case curl come to mind, for more sophisticated needs look into an asterisk gateway application (AGI)

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how to use IVR to execute the curl script request to my chatbot ? Sir, Could you let me know your Skype id ? I’d like to make an appointment to talk to you, at your convenience.

See my pm

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