How to use existing 70V speakers for IP paging with separate ze

Can anyone recommend a product that would let me use existing 70V speakers as an IP paging system? We would want each speaker to be individually addressed.

Thank you

Is that the model number, or the voltage?

The reason I ask is because speakers are normally identified by power and impedance.

There are lots of places that provide various solutions that can be configured to work in lots of different ways. My process would be to send an email to Viking Communication and get some “presales engineering” support. You will need to know how many channels you are going to need and you’re going to probably want a SIP-capable interface. Once you’ve got that information, the sales engineer will ask you a bunch more questions to narrow the choices.

If you have a current AMP I reccomend the cyber data V3 zone controller. If not Ive had luck with a Snom PA adapter which has a tiny built in amp. The Snom device is cheaper but setup was confusing. The cyber data one worked nice but requires an amp to plug RCA into.

For individually addressing them. Either multiple snom adapters or the cyber data zone controller can address 4 seperate if you can run cables to each amp if it has an external amp. Or you can look at IP speakers but those get expensive but maybe not as expensive as multiple adapters.

First, the Snom device cannot power 70V speakers. It has no output for that. It is a great device, that I use all over, but it is not always the right answer. Snom or Cyberdata, you need amplifiers.

Snom units are specifically, a single zone unit., so they are not right for your scenario.

How many speakers are you wanting to individually address? Most likely, the Cyberdata unit will be your best choice.

The Cyberdata 4 port model is $415

Then you will need to get amplifiers to power the 70V speakers. I like the Pyle 40W amp for small set ups. as it is only $50

The Cyberdata unit has RCA outputs, while the Pyle have 1/4" mic inputs. I usually use RCA cables and an adapter at the Pyle end like this one.

The 70V speakers Ive used with the snom with have had a seperate physical power adapter that plugged into the closet with wires ran to the speaker.

That is an amplifier. 1 to 1, but still.

For a general understanding of 70 V and similar speaker systems:

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Given that Wikipedia article, I’m going to once again refer you to someone like Anixter or even Grainger for pre-sales engineering support.

There’s no doubt a multizone SIP audio controller that will drive this, but after that is way outside the scope of FreePBX.

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