How to Upgrade FreePBX Distro 13 to 14

is it already possible to upgrade from current 13 Version to 14 Stable Version?
Here "FreePBX 14 Release Candidate"
was written about upgrade scripts for OS.
FreePBX 14 Release Candidate
"We will be releasing soon a in place upgrade system for users of the existing SHMZ OS based on EL6 (Distro version 10.13.66) to the new SNG7 distro based on EL7. It will also upgrade you to FeeePBX14."
Is it done or not yet? I cannot find new info.
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This is finishing up in QA. Stay tuned announcement soon

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Is the script available yet? If not, where will it be announced?

is there any update on when we will be able to upgrade from 13 to 14, or maybe a time frame when you guys hope to have it completed by? Thank you

The update script is out beta:


It is definitely not out of Beta but they have made it available…

This is the first like of that wiki page…


I suggest you take the warning seriously, the currently available script has known issues. A new script that is supposed to address at least some of those issues is undergoing QA at this time…

If you have telephony cards which use DAHDI (Sangoma A200 for example but also Digium products and products from other manufacturers using DAHDI) I highly suggest you wait, there is what appears to be a missing dependency problem.

(That problem should be addressed shortly…)

If you are running in a VM it looks like it might cause problems (though it’s quite possible that the problem is elsewhere and not with the fact it is running under a VM)…

(One of the person reporting a problem also had a DAHDI card, the other his system failed in a different way so it’s difficult to say if the VM really contributed to the problem…)

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Yes, I didn’t say it was out OF beta, but meant the beta version was out, meaning it was released.


Any way to migrate my FreePBX-Distro-10.13.66 32bits version to Freepbx 14 without full OS reinstallation ?

What’s the expected end of live date for the current FreePBX-Distro-10.13.66 32 bits ?


If I remember correctly, there is no 32-bit version of 14 expected. I could be wrong, but I thought I saw something about this a couple of months ago. There is also no path (except through the upgrade scripts) to moving from 32 to 64-bit. If someone knows different, sing out. I’d love to be wrong on this…

Still no new news? It is now one month gone…


The distro upgrade “script” is available but still beta…

Some people barely had any problems (or problems which were easy to solve) while others had problems which required restoring and going back to FreePBX 13…

I ran it about a month ago when it was first made available and it broke my system. However I was able, with help from the FreePBX devs, to get it back to working order without requiring a reinstall…

Some people were not so lucky…

There wasn’t only thing that got broken but multiple but I was willing to take the time to try to identify everything that got broken so that the script could be improved.

Since then there have been quite a few updates of the distro upgrade “script” each one addressing most if not all of the reported problems.

Chances are, if you run it right now, you might have barely any problems (if at all)…

Would I recommend you run it on a Production server?

Right now I would not suggest you to run this on a Production server unless you have a loooooot of time on your hands in case something goes wrong and have proper backups.

This is not something you should consider lightly, the “script” is still beta and there are still systems which experience issues after the upgrade…

The FreePBX devs themselves do not recommend running it on a Production server at this time…

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Just following up because it’s September now - should we anticipate this coming out of beta soon? We’d prefer to get onto the main supported platform, and we’re not sure if we should just wait or try to force an upgrade through (never our first choice).

Currently both versions are getting bug fixes. Features are going to 15. So you don’t get the new toys of 14 but you DO get bug fixes still on 13. Also note that our modules are no longer bumped for the sake of a higher version so some modules may still be 13. Some modules are 13 and 15 dont have a 14 release. It depends on what the module needs or the feature set needed.

Thanks for that update. I’ve been looking periodically for lifecycle information for 13 / 14 (perhaps in the wrong places?), and want to make sure that we’re staying on a supported release track and that we plan / schedule our upgrade accordingly.

FWIW, in my experience, I wouldn’t migrate to FreePBX 14 from a prior version if it is a production system. As noted before, the script is currently in beta. Additionally, I ignored my own common sense and did it anyway. All seemed fine until later I discovered CDR not working, dependencies not correct, and could not install system updates because of that.

Having said that, the script is amazing as it is, but still, there are conditions and issues that it needs to account for that in some cases will bork up a migration…sometimes (like for me) not noticing until a day or two later.

I was really wanting to migrate to 14, so I did have another option. What I did was risky, but I backed up my borked up 14 system (all in all it worked pretty good, except CDR and system updates, I thought what can I loose at this point, I have more backups, and more VM snapshots that a person can shake a stick at). I wiped my installation CLEAN, downloaded the 14 .iso, mounted it and let it rip!

Once in, I did a few minor adjustments, like disabling IPv6, etc…then restored my settings from my botched 14 migrated system. Crossing my fingers…lo and behold, the restore worked wonderfully, and all my setting were intact.

The only thing that I didn’t get somehow, were my custom announcements and VM greetings. I need to figure out why later, but that is not a big deal (for me), and certainly understand that missing announcements, greetings, music on hold, etc would be a big hit for a larger installation though.

Now I have a perfectly functioning FreePBX 14/Distro 7 system, and am appreciating the improvements. Yes, CDR and system updates are working great now.

Just my 2 cents.


I used upgrade script. Everything was fine. but after second reboot I get internet connection problem and it stops.
I’m using VMWare workstation. How can I resolve this problem?

Try: Sangoma 7 upgrade script failing

I was already on NE1000, so this didn’t help. What I did was just install 14 from .iso clean.

So SNG7 has problem with NIC on VMWare and doesn’t detect any network adapter?
Because I install FreePBX 14 from .iso, and it doesn’t detect NIC too.

I hope Sangoma guys solve this problem as soon as possible.


The problem I had was that when upgrading from 13 to 14, it would not detect internet connection, exactly as your screenshot.

I just gave up, and downloaded the .iso and installed fresh in to my vmware 6.5 VM, configured netcard driver as NE1000. Works fine now.

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Thanks for taking the time to share your experience with this process. I kind of expected something along those lines if we migrated now, but we weren’t sure about the ramifications of holding off and were trying to figure out what to do. I think that at this point we’ll wait it out.