How to Show dialed DID number on SIP Phone instead of caller ID

Hi Everyone, I am new to this forum, appreciated if someone can help me on this…

I am using FreePBX 13.0.42 with Asterisk 13.5 in my office, In my FreePBX configurations, I have 5 Inbound routes(5 different DID numbers), and all of them will go to the same extension “7001” as destination.

Inbound DID numbers: (** example only)


My case:
If someone(e.g. +12223333444) dial the DID number 44331200003 from PSTN, as I have already registered extension 7001 with my Cisco SIP phone(model 303), extension 7001 got ring successfully. On my SIP phone, I can see 12223333444 as the caller ID.

But I would like to see which DID number is dialed by the caller, because on the SIP phone, I can only see the caller ID.

Is it possible to show the dialed DID number (44331200003) on my SIP phone instead of the CallerID?

Thanks all.