How to setup FreePBX register via External IP?

The use of FreePBX in Local Networks is normal.
But how to setup FreePBX to allow external network telephone registration? I have setup the DMZ to FreePBX IP, but never to register successfully.
Nmap testing 5060/UDP is open via external network.111 !


Is NAT enabled on the Extension?

What do you see in the Asterisk logs?

Is your remote IP white listed in Intrusion Detection (or if you use, the built-in firewall)?

Not sure which firewall you have, there’s some firewalls which you have to set an “Allowed Access Rule” and then a “Forwarding Rule”. Did you forward 5060 to the PBX IP?

Lastly, i would suggest you should restrict 5060 only to trusted IP’s

Thanks PitzKey,

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