How to setup auto loop to all users until received?

Im using a GSM gateway with 4 channel, where 1 channel is used for incoming and other 3 are being used for forwarding.

Right now, when a customer calls, I can see that, it tries to call the 3 numbers defined in RING group and if no one receives, it simply disconnects.

While I need it to be configured this way that,

FreePBX will call the 1st 3 defined numbers for 5 rings, if no one of the 3 receives the call, then it should try the next 3 numbers and it again tries them for next 5 rings, if those 3 also doesnt receive, then it should try the next 3 numbers and so on the loop should happen until someone really receives the call.

How to achieve this ?

Generally you would need to program the RGs failover destination.

Ok Im new to this PBX thing.
So, is it something in FreePBX already or shall I hire someone to get it done ?

If hire, then what shall I exactly ask him to do ?

Yes, its a basic thing, you should read the wiki linked to above

Do you see anything wrong here,

A few, you are trying to make eight calls simultaneously through a device you say can only handle three, then you hangup when it fails. One way would be a concatenation of ringgroups with three numbers each failing over to the next . A queue however sounds like a better fit.

You mean make more ring groups and define next group to ring ?
But the 120seconds are not even working

I would just try it, it works for everyone else, if you only have three lines available , you won’t be able to make eight calls especially as forwarded calls will take two channels on connect

But how will one thing connect to multiple ring groups ?

For example, I have 8 staff for sales.

So, lets say PRESS 1 FOR SALES :

Will it try multiple ring groups, anyhow to configure that way ?

Your questions are all very basic and you would have the answers already if you had visited the wiki for an hour or so.

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