How to set up so that after dialing a number, the person will hear the announcement first

I have an announcement:
every conversation is recorded, if you don’t accept, hang up…

how to set up so that after dialing a number, the person will hear the announcement first and only then connect to the consultant

here the consultant dials the number
the customer is to hear this announcement

If queues and ring groups are not suitable (caller needs to connect with specific employee)…

Some ideas:

  1. (Easier) Setup a directory IVR, that plays the message, then prompts the user to enter the phone number, which transfers to the extension.

  2. Build custom dial plan that you put on all inbound applicable routes. The dial plan will play the announcement, then use the DNID to route to the correct extension.

Not the only approach, but some ideas to get you started.

this is supposed to be the outgoing route:

  1. the consultant calls the client (dials his number from the phone inside the company) e.g. +48123456789
  2. the customer receives the call
  3. hears: the conversation is recorded, only then the consultant’s client call is established

it’s very easy, I want to go the other way

This will assist:

It’s not a good idea to automate this – the announcement might be heard by a robot or receptionist, not the person called.

When calling, the consultant should say something like “This is John Doe calling from Acme on a recorded line.” Adding “on a recorded line” takes less than two seconds of the consultant’s time and ensures that the called party knows he is being recorded.

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the moral burden, whoever hears the announcement, I’ll take it…) please answer the question, the above did not bring anything to solve the problem… unfortunately

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